Monday, March 19, 2007

Avs Beat the Sharks - Progression Shown

Another win for the Avs, and we now sit just four points back behind the Flames for the final Playoff spot. Remember, the Oilers did the same thing last year as we're doing this year. It's even more amazing because if we grab the last spot, we might end up playing Nashville in the first round, a team we're 3-0 against this year.

The biggest thing that struck me in tonight's game was the progression of the team. All year long, when the games against San Jose have come up, I knew I was in for a long night of physical hockey and most likely, an Avs loss. And for the most part, I've been right. Before last night's game, the season series between the two teams was 2-1 in favor of the Sharks. In those games, when the Avs were down in the third period, we could never catch up. But the team that came out last night fought the entire way, and somehow made up for it's lack of size to beat one of the most physical clubs in the NHL.

Those are the kind of games you need to play in order to make a Playoff run. The Avs have had countless games where they have had the lead in the third period only to have sloppy play in their own end make it so they couldn't even get a point.

But that's the past, and this may be the most exciting late season run in Avalanche history. Enjoy the show folks. - Best Sports Blogs, Sports Blogger Rankings

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