Sunday, March 18, 2007

Avs Win! Lesser Knowns Show Up + Jordan TooToo

Fresh off another Avs win, I couldn't be more thrilled. Now six points out of the Playoffs, the Avs have two game in hands, and actually control their own destiny.

As for the game, the Avs started off with a 2-0 lead, but I think they fell into the trap I talked about before. They got down 3-2, when Joe Sakic scored his second of the game to tie it up. The Avs took the lead in the third period, and Richardson and Stastny capped the game off to win 6-3.

What impresses me most about the Avs is the fact that their third and fourth line players continue to show up. Ben Guite scored the go ahead goal in the third period, only the second of the season. But it's not like he took a perfect pass from Sakic. He blocked the shot, picked up the puck, and took it in alone.

Jeff Finger, since his first few games, has actually matured into a nice, reliable defenseman. When a Coyote shot the puck way after the whistle early on in the game, Finger did what every hockey play should/would do, and took issue with it. Not only is that the sign of a muturing player, it's the sign of a team that really has bonded together.

Mark Rycroft had his second fight of the season with under two minutes to go, after a little shoving match between the two teams.

These are guys who give the team a certain "underdog" feeling, as opposed to the Alex Tanguays and Brad Mays we have once had.

Now I'm not making it a rant, but that Jordan TooToo hit was disgusting. Just after Chris Simon gets suspended and we hear all of this talk about disrespect amongst the players, you'd think they'd be a little bit more responsible. If Bettman is smart, he starts giving every head shot an indefinite suspension.

The video has not yet been uploaded to YouTube, but I'll post it in my next entry. Actually, just look on the National Hockey League website tomorrow. It'll be a top story.

And at least ESPN will have something to talk about between March Madness and Rodeo. - Best Sports Blogs, Sports Blogger Rankings

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