Friday, March 16, 2007

Playoff Push - Eight Points [Rant 1 - Points for a Loss]

As of now, only one thing matters for the Avs. Winning. With thirteen games to go, they find themselves eight points behind Calgary for the final Playoff spot. After a bad loss to Dallas last night, Calgary gave the Avs a game in hand which Colorado will try to capitalize on when they visit Phoenix on Saturday.

With the Avs being 6-0-1, they need to be careful not to overlook the Coyotes. A loss in this game kills all of the momentum they have built up and it lets Calgary off the hook.

Now that I've told you what you know, here's my rant.

Why is hockey the only game that awards a point for a loss? In basketball, the most boring sport on the face of the Earth, they play until a winner has been decided. Same in baseball. This isn't a kids league. COMPETITIVE sports is the key word, and we don't need to award a team from playing a good sixty minutes. A team could potentially not win a single game all season and still have 82 points.

You also have to ask yourself: If the NHL wants to put the excitement back into the game, then why do they allow teams like Minnesota to have the benefit of shutting down the game with 10 minutes to go, and then going for the win in OT? Take away the one point for a loss and Minnesota can't take that chance anymore. - Best Sports Blogs, Sports Blogger Rankings

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