Friday, April 13, 2007

Playoffs Begin, Excitement Level High

Without the Avs, the Playoffs don't have the feeling they have had the past 9 years that I have watched the game. Even so, I have been following the coverage on Versus closely. Some thoughts:

-Pittsburgh took their licks as a new Playoff team losing 6-3 to Ottawa in the first game of the Playoffs. The game was actually everything the NHL could have hoped for. Crosby scored his first Playoff goal, only to have it be called back, only to score another one a few minutes later. Fleury wasn't terrible, but his inexperience certainly showed.

-Overtimes were amazing in the first game of a few series. Nashville and San Jose went into double overtime, but that was overshadowed by the Dallas-Vancouver game.

Roberto Luongo, in his Playoff debut made a record, 72 saves. 72. Lets say it again. 72. The game went into FOUR OVERTIMES. Before going to bed, I checked the game, and I saw that the first OT was starting, and since Playoff OT is the best thing since pizza, I had to watch. I ended up falling asleep after the 2nd OT, and woke up at 3:00 to find that they were still playing in the FOURTH Overtime. I couldn't believe it. The sixth longest game in NHL history ended with under 2 minutes to go in the fourth, with a goal by Ryan Kesler. The two teams play again tonight.

-Pavel Datsyuk scored his first Playoff goal in over 40 games last night. The Wings crushed the Flames, making me more sick over the fact that this is the team that got in over the Avs.

-The Islanders lost to Buffalo. After just one shot in the first period, the Isles got the score to 2-1, but could never tie the game.

-Other winners included Ottawa, Anaheim, and San Jose.

The Playoffs certainly don't lack intensity. The level of physical play is extremely high, and Versus is doing a decent job of broadcasting it. I do which they would experiment with live look-ins, so we aren't stuck with just one game all night.

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Anonymous said...

Hockey is for Canadians.

Geoff Rosenthal said...

With the majority of the teams in the NHL being American teams, I can't see you justifying that statement. But thanks for reading, and I hope you learn something :)

Anonymous said...

I said "hockey", not the NHL. Hockey is more popular in Canada than America. Of course there's more hockey teams in the NHL.....its an America-based league. The league is still more popular in Canada....

Bleh, we've already gone over this. Nice blog though.

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