Friday, May 18, 2007

NBA Series Crash and Burn...Big Plus for NHL

The past two nights have not been good for the NBA.

On Thursday, the Detroit Pistons put away the Chicago Bulls and ended any chance the Bulls had at coming back in the series. The matchup was generating tons of buzz because after being down 3-0, the Bulls had battled back to make it 3-2 and they had Game 6 at home. But they gave in to history, and were deafeated.

Now, the other marquee series, Phoenix-San Antonio is all but over. Unless the Suns can make up this 20 point defecit in the fourth quarter, I doubt there will be a Game 7. The NBA has no one to blame but themselves for this crappy ending. I mean, come on, the suspensions to Diaw and Amare were idiotic. This is meant to be a hockey blog, so I won't go into detail as to why. But the point is, the NBA no longer has excitement to offer.

That's where the NHL comes in.

Take a look. Even if you're favorite team is out, the excitement level in these games are unbelievable.

The Sabres-Senators is our version of the Bulls-Pistons. Can the Sabres come back from a 3-0 defecit? They took Game 4 and now have Game 5 at home. Ryan Miller keeps them hanging by a thread every game. Can he keep it up?

The Ducks-Wings series is basically Suns-Spurs. Two of the bestteams in the entire league battling it out in an incredible series. We even had a marquee suspension. (Pronger)

The really good news for the NHL, is that horse racing is the main event tomorrow, and who really cares about that? The games this weekend are scheduled to be on NBC, and hopefully, as people are watching Street Sense prepare for glory, they'll take a look at the excitement the NHL has to offer.

Hmm. The Suns have cut the lead to 12 and there's a foul shot to come. If they can come back, I'll make another entry, this morning. - Best Sports Blogs, Sports Blogger Rankings

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