Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Sens Advance/Keys to Tonight's Game/RANT OF THE WEEK

Congratulations to the Ottawa Senators for completely dismantling my prediction that they'd be out in six games this round. They completely dominated the Sabres. I can't really comment on the game because of...well, I'll let you read about it in my rant of the week.

But the Senators are amazingly dynamic. Chris Phillips and Wade Redden are probably the second best top d-line pair left in the Playoffs and Alfredsson, Spezza, and Heatley make up the most talented top line. Ray Emery has been the wild card all Playoffs, and there's nothing better than a hot goaltender in the Finals.

Tonight, the Wings try to avoid elimination and will attempt to beat the Ducks on the road.

This series has completely turned around since the Game 3 "debacle." However, in the last two games, the Ducks have only outscored the Wings 6-5, including a 2-1 win in OT in Game 5.

Keys to Tonight's Game

Stars: In the past two games, Teemu Selanne has been alive with two goals, two assists, including a game winner. He has outscored Pavel Datsyuk 2-0. It's no secret that Datsyuk and Zetterberg are keys to Detroit's success and they have been shut down the past two games.

Home Ice: The Wings worked hard all season for home ice advantage and now, it belongs to the Ducks. There will be no octupus thrown on the ice during intermission in Anaheim. The crowd will be rocking, hoping to see Anaheim get back to its first cup since 2003.

Rattling the Goalie: Both goalies have let up at least five goals once this series. Both regrouped last game. Who will be the victim this time?

I was in a hotel watching the last seconds of the Sabres-Senators game and was practically licking my lips for Playoff OT. Nothing better, right? Well, according to NBC, something is. Horse racing. Bill Clement informed me that they would update us on the game, but for now, they were going to focus on some horse named Street Sense and his pathetic odds to win the Triple Crown. FOR TWO HOURS. No announcement was made that it would switch to Versus, but the hotel didn't get it anyway.
NBC made a commitmenet to make the game of hockey grow in America. At the very least, make an announcement to the fans that the game will continue on Versus. But that's besides the point. No one needs two hours coverage in order to watch a horse race. Heck, the pre-game show to the SUPER BOWL isn't that long.
The NHL needs to pull out from NBC. Their coverage has been decent, but how can you stayed partnered with a network that pulls off your sudden death main event? It's ridiculous. Not to mention that the NHL was the laughingstock of the entire sports world the next day.
If you ever wanted to know your place in
the world, it's
somewhere behind taking a horse out of his stall.
This was just one of the quotes made by various sports analysts the next day.
That should say it all.

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