Monday, June 4, 2007

Sens Must Win Game 4

I hate when people say a game is a must win when a team won't be eliminated if they lose. But I won't practice what I preach, and I'll call Game 4 a must win.

Two reasons:

This year, Anaheim is 3-0 when having a chance to eliminate a team in their own building. If they win tonight, they'll have a chance to make it a perfect 4-0 in front of what will be an electric Anaheim crowd.

Momentum is also an issue, as Ottawa has all of it. They not only need to win this game, but score early to do so. JS Gigure just let up five goals. The Sens need to kick him while he's down. If the Ducks win this game, their confidence will be soaring on the plane ride back to Anaheim.

My Prediction:

Game fours are always the toughest to call. Anaheim IS the better team, but after being outplayed in Ottawa and having to play another game in Canada, it will take a lot out of them. Desperation will have to be there, but I think Ottawa will take this one at home.

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