Saturday, September 29, 2007

We're Back! [Opening Faceoff]

After taking the majority of the summer off, The Avslova Fact is BACK! Over one hour ago, the 90th NHL Season kicked off....not without some delay. The first game of the Saturday-Sunday series between the Kings and Ducks in London was delayed about 40 minutes thanks to arena lighting. The saddest part? That's going to be the only thing talked about on SportsCenter tonight.

Game Thoughts

Johnathon Bernier, the 19-year-old rookie is starting in goal for the Kings. He's looked unbelievably good against the defending champs. He's made some big saves and is currently shutting out the Ducks in the second period.

The precedent for penalties was set very early. Four penalties before three minutes ticked by. The Ducks even had a 5-3 in the first five minutes of the season.

JS Gigure is on the bench for this game. How's that for a thank you? Look for him to start in Sunday's game.

More to come...after the 3rd period.

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