Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Forget those last two games! (Win vs Phoenix, Loss vs Edmonton) - LETS TALK TRADE DEADLINE

I'm going to skip the summaries for the last two games - games in which both Joe Sakic and Paul Statsny were playing in. Lets skip to the deals the Avalanche made in the TRADE DEADLINE 2008.


Peter the Great is BACK folks! Francois Giguere signed Peter to what will amount to a one-year, one-million dollar salary.

Thoughts: The Avs give up nothing for a guy who can help ignite the power play. It's the ultimate low-risk / high-reward situation. If nothing else, this is a great PR move for all of the Colorado fans who want to see Forsberg retire as an Av. Welcome home Foppa.


We're going to party like it's 2003! Adam Foote, the great shutdown defender in Avalanche history was trade to the Avs for a first round pick and a fourth rount pick which will only be given away if Foote re-signs with the Avs.

Thoughts: It's great to see Footer back with the Avs. Fans were calling for a guy who could clear out the front of the net. Although Foote isn't as good as he was in 2003, he will provide some much needed physical play and will be a joy to watch in Colorado.


The Avs traded Karlis Skastins and a third round pick to Florida in exchange for defensman Ruslan Salei.

Thoughts: Salei and Skrastins are very similar. Salei has a better offensive game and will be a tad more physical. It's a good move, although, I wish we could have kept that third-round pick.


Obviously, the lines will be completely different once all of these players arrive.

Remembering that Clarke is out for the year:


Injured: Clark

Obviously this is all just speculation. The defensive pairing are particularly hard. The way I have it, each pairing has an offensive and defensive guy. I'd expect Foote and Hannan to possibly be switched. Salei will almost defintely be on the third pairing, along with Cumiskey.

Sauer and Cumiskey will almost certainly be the spares. Sauer has played well this season but I can't see the Avs sending down Finger, who has been terrific this year. Likewise, Cumiskey will be sent down as well.

Next Game:

TONIGHT vs Calgary

Debuts: None

What a day folks! I'll be back tomorrow with the rest of the trades and a game summary!

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Danno Industries said...

Forsberg is a dick. He was just afraid of the 10 game losing stint the Flyers had and the fact that he would actually had to try had he come to Philly.

The only difference is in Colorado, he'll be able to ski.

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