Saturday, March 22, 2008

Congratulations to Alex Ovechkin

Last night, Alex Ovechkin scored two goals against the Atlanta Thrashers to become the first player since Mario Lemieux twelve years ago to score 60 goals in a season.

Ovechkin has quickly become one of my favorite players not on the Avalanche and hopefully he doesn't go the way of other notorious Russians such as Alexei Yashin or even Pavel Bure and leave the league in a few years.

It seems that Ovechkin is different, however. Sure, he just signed a 120 million dollar contract, but when you watch how excited this kid gets every time he scores or how much he truly loves the game, you feel like this kid should be the new face of the league, not that other guy in Pittsburgh.

Ovechkin is going to win the Rocket Richard and Art Ross this season, and whether or not the Capitals make the playoffs, he should win the Hart as well.

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