Thursday, April 3, 2008

Updates on Tonight's Games

Washington Beats Tampa Bay

A very solid game won by the Caps 4-1 behind Ovechkin's 64th and 65th goal of the season. He has set a new record for goals scored in a season by a left winger. The Caps now are 8th in the East with 92 points. This was a very physical game. The Lightning were really going for the win but expect a fine after they sent out Lessard to start a fight with 15 seconds to go. Not classy at all.

Rangers Clinch a Spot

The Rangers shut out the Islanders 3-0 to officially clinch a playoff spot. Jagr had two goals in this one as the Rangers now set their sites on the fourth seed.

Sabres Eliminated

Buffalo was never really in this one, losing to the Habs 3-1. This ends Buffalo's chances at making the playoffs. The question now becomes, who will they lose this offseason?

Senators Clinch a Spot

It's not official but they're up 8-2 with under six minutes to go against the Maple Leafs. Vermette has a hat trick and Spezza and Heatley both have two goals apiece.

Red Wings Win Presidents Trophy

Trailing 2-1 against the Blue Jackets, the Red Wings caught a break when Columbus shot the puck over the glass from the defensive zone. The Wings scored on the power play to tie the game. Needing only a point, the Wings kept attacking and eventually scored to end it in regulation.

Nashville Tied With St. Louis

The Preds could lose control of their own destiny with a loss to the Blues tonight. It's been a hard fought game thus far. With just under 15 minutes to go, the Preds will want to at least come out with a point.

Minnesota Leads Calgary

2-1 Minnesota right now in the third period. If the Wild can trap themselves into OT, they'll clinch the division title. A Flames loss wouldn't be the worst thing in the world, but it would make a Minnesota-Colorado first round matchup very likely.

Key Games Still To Come

Dallas vs Phoenix
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