Sunday, September 28, 2008

Fantasy Hockey Draft

First of all, sorry for not getting my predictions done yet. Hopefully they're up by tonight.

The delay is due to many things, but first and foremost, it's due to my fantasy hockey draft starting in about five minutes.

8th overall pick. 14-team league.

I'll do a little live blogging on here for a little while until I get to the point when I'm choosing between Kent Huskins and Ty Wishart.

First Round

Ovechkin goes #1, but Thornton and Spezza immediately follow. (We have a lot of Pittsburgh haters). Things get back on track as the next few picks are Crosby, Lecavalier, Iginla and Brodeur.
TEAM GEO Pick #1: Evgeni Malkin
Easily a Top-4 pick, I got him at #8.
Heatley, Zetterberg, Nabokov, and Kovalchuk rounded out the first round.

Second Round

Depth is going to be tight all night so I wanted to try and build up my forwards.
TEAM GEO Pick #2: Martin St. Louis

No big second round surprises except for Mike Green going as one of the top defensemen.

Third Round

I'm going to grab a defenseman or a goalie as they seem to be going fast. By the way, this live blogging thing for the draft isn't working out. I'll be back with a full report of my team tomorrow. See you all then. - Best Sports Blogs, Sports Blogger Rankings

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