Thursday, October 30, 2008

Avs goosegged by Calgary, Raycroft in Goal Tonight

A 3-0 loss is just that. A 3-0 loss. It means nobody scored for the losing team. Ok, simple, right?

The Avs dropped to 0-2 on the season against the Flames Tuesday night thanks to three third period goals scored by Calgary. The Avs managed just two shots in the final period and couldn't get an offensive flow going the entire game. The good news? Budaj played pretty well. The first goal was not his fault and you may as well forget about the other two. The Avs aren't going to win by playing like they did in this game.

Three Stars of the Game

*Not tallied for shutout losses against divisional opponents*


Ben Guite was scratched in favor of Cody McCormick. I haven't read who is centering the fourth line against Columbus tonight but my gut is telling me the Avs will put Guite back in.

Raycroft in Net

Raycroft will be taking his usual "Once to twice a week" start against a team that has managed just one win in their short history against the Avs. Raycroft is 2-0 this season.

Arnason Watch

Jibblescribbits put together a great piece that basically shows Arnason to be the crap that he is. Excellent work.

Next Up

Tonight, 9 PM ET, Columbus. Be there or be..well, possibly 5-5. - Best Sports Blogs, Sports Blogger Rankings

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