Thursday, October 30, 2008

Hockey in Philly Died Last Night

Much to my dismay, the hometown Philadelphia Phillies won the World Series last night - the first major sports championship for Philly in 28 years. People celebrated by crowding onto Broad Street and launching fireworks, hugging strangers, and even lifting bikes above their heads as if they represented several Stanley Cups.

The bad news?

Philadelphia Flyers hockey has been knocked down to #3 on the list of sports in this great hockey city.

After the Eagles, the Flyers and Phillies have always competed for #2. Not anymore. The Phillies are now officially the #2, probably the #1 team in Philadelphia right now and nothing will change that before June, and probably not even then, unless the Flyers manage to win it all.

The excitement that used to come with Flyers hockey will now be much less. The question "will they be the ones to finally break the curse?" will no longer be asked. If they lose in the first round, so what? The Phillies are our saviors. The Flyers will try next season, but even if they fail, who cares? We still have Cole Hamels.

The Flyers had a chance in 2004 to beat the Tampa Bay Lightning and take their chances at a championship for the City of Brotherly Love. They failed. The Phillies succeeded. Phillies>Flyers.

And that's how it will stay for another 28 years. - Best Sports Blogs, Sports Blogger Rankings

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