Thursday, October 16, 2008

If the Avs want a win tonight, they must...

1. Score First

It's not too difficult to figure out. If you score the most goals, you win. If you're leading the entire game, you win. The Avs failed to score first in all three of their losses, and now is the time they need to change that trend. Andrew Raycroft is in goal. Yes, Andrew Raycroft. I can't believe I'm saying it. Ok, so that's a different post. The point is, he needs to be playing with some confidence (and room for error).

2. Have a Perfect Night of Penalty Killing

The Flyers power play through three games is 26th in the NHL. Any type of goal they score with the man advantage will give them a huge lift (actually, every goal does that) and also prove that the Avs penalty killing truly deserves to be ranked dead last.

3. Capitalize on Defensive Woes

Randy Jones and Ryan Parent are out for the Flyers which means they're somewhat shorthanded at defense. The Avs need to expose rookie Luca Sbisa and former Av Ossi Vannanen when they're on the ice. Sbisa, in particular, is a -3 in his first three NHL games while averaging close to ten minutes more than fellow Flyer Lasse Kukkonen.

4. Focus on Gagne

He has three goals in three games while averaging over twenty minutes of ice time. I'd assume he'd be matched up with Foote and Clark, but really, this is a team that is starting Tyler Arnason on the third line tonight.

5. Play Hard

You're 0-3 and the game is at home. They better come out strong.


Game time is at 9 PM Eastern. It's going to be brutal tomorrow if they drop this one. - Best Sports Blogs, Sports Blogger Rankings

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