Saturday, October 25, 2008

"Super Saturday" Games to be Missed by Most

And there will be much more where that came from when more than 275,000
fans will flock to arenas throughout North America Saturday to watch 600 players
compete in 15 games on the busiest day of the National Hockey League schedule. For
only the second time in the League's history, 30 teams will be in action on the same day.

It's a shame that few people will see more than one or two of these game on what could have been a great day for the NHL.

According to the schedule, none of the games are being shown on Versus or NBC in America. Unless you have NHL Network or Center Ice, you'll be limited to watching one, maybe two games. (The Kings-Predators game isn't being show on TV at all.)

It seems to me that if there is a day when every team in the NHL will be playing, it is the perfect chance to showcase the top players. Instead, those who do not subscribe to an expensive cable package will see their local team's game only.

The only reason I'm excited for "Super Saturday" is because I have Center Ice and I'll have the chance, starting at 4, to watch uninterrupted NHL games. My friends, who thanks to absolutely no hype, have no idea that this is a historic day, will be watching the Flyers-Devils game and then switching over to the Phillies.

Ok, maybe Philly is a bad example. Afterall, it's the WORLD SERIES. But the point is still there. If that game is 8-0 Rays after the first inning, my friends won't be tuning into Versus to see Ovechkin take on the Stars or Kane take on the Wings. No, they won't even be given the chance. - Best Sports Blogs, Sports Blogger Rankings

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Jibblescribbits said...

Great point.

Why not have morning games too. I realize College football is king in America, but if they're going to do the whole super Saturday thing they should start games at 1Eastern.

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