Saturday, November 29, 2008

Avs vs Lightning Tonight - 9 PM ET

I turned on my computer this morning. I clicked on my "Bookmarks" tab and found my way to Adrian Dater's blog.

Sakic out indefinitely.

Foote on IR.

MacKenzie Recalled.

A few things, understandably, began to run through my mind.

1. I'm going to the Flyers-Avs game on December 16th. Does this mean I may not see Sakic or Foote for what might possibly be the last time?

2. Do the Avs have any shot at going anywhere this season without their two biggest leaders, not to mention most physical defenseman and first/second line center?

3. Who the heck is MacKenzie?

A took a few minutes to think about it. The answers?

Haven't got the slightest idea.

Whatever. The Lightning currently sit at the bottom of the East with 19 points. That sounds pretty crappy until you realize that the Avs are 14th in the West with a stunning 20 points. Raycroft is in net and I'm going to need to bust out some pain killers or something in order to watch this one. - Best Sports Blogs, Sports Blogger Rankings

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