Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Avs Won, Arnason Sat, I Didn't Blog

It was a shock. No, really. It was a shock. Darcy Tucker scored for the second game in a row, Tyler Arnason was scratched for the first time in what seems like forever, and Peter Budaj got a shut out. My head almost exploded. Thus, I didn't blog.

Three Stars from that game include

1. Peter Budaj
2. TJ Hensick
3. Scott Hannan

Hensick did a terrific job by assisting (a bit of a fluke) on Tucker's first goal and probably should have had two more if Ryan Smyth had gotten a tad luckier. But to forego the game summary, lets just talk about tonight.

Colorado vs Vancouver, 10 PM ET.

The Canucks have scored 48 goals this, a number that most people thought would be much lower at this point. Of course, there's Roberto Luongo, who has been shutting people out like it's his job (wait a second) but assuming Hensick is in and Arnason is out, my hopes are up.

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