Friday, November 14, 2008

Barry Melrose Fired, ESPN Gives Us Coverage [SOLUTION!]

Wow. I never thought I would turn off ESPNEWs and turn on the NHL Network in order to get away from hockey coverage. As many have already heard, Lightning coach Barry Melrose was fired about an hour ago.

Melrose, of course, was ESPN's main (only) hockey analyst and gave up that position in order to pursue his first coaching gig in over a decade. Obviously, that didn't work out.

It's nice to see ESPN giving hockey some attention and I think that the NHL might be on to something.

Start hiring ESPN employees.

Then fire them.

No, seriously. Chirs Berman could become the new play-by-play guy for the Blue Jackets while Stuart Scott could be the main anchor for Versus coverage. E.J Hradek could become Tampa Bay's new head coach while Kenny Mayne would make the perfect color guy to Jim Hughson on Hockey Night in Canada.

All of them would be fired and ESPN would report on the NHL nonstop.

But seriously, Melrose shouldn't have been hired in the first place and by the sound of this interview on ESPNEWS (I swear, I flipped it back on only for a second!) he doesn't deserve to be re-hired by any team. James Mirtle has some more on his relationship with his players.

Still, in the interview, Melrose gave a shout out to former NHL2Night host John Buccigross. Perhaps a reunion is coming and a nightly hockey show (NHL on the Fly doesn't suffice) is right around the corner?

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