Wednesday, November 12, 2008

BREAKING NEWS: Mats Sundin Suits Up

He looks like he's in great shape. But I guess pocket aces will do that for you.

I saw this last night during the finale of the World Series of Poker on ESPN and a few thoughts suddenly grabbed me:

1. Why is it that when ESPN finally decides to air ANYTHING related to hockey, it has to include a guy who changes his mind more than Jekyll and Hyde. Couldn't PokerStars have gotten Alex Ovechkin instead?

2. Why is Mats Sundin wasting his time with this? If he needs the money, he can play for ten million in Vancouver. If he needs the thrill, then there's obviously something wrong. If you're Mats Sundin and can't get thrills, nobody can.

3. RUMOR: A3, Sundin to represent Canada at WSOP '09.

4. If you were playing poker with Mats Sundin and he moved all in, would you have the guts to call him? I know I wouldn't. Especially if you look at the board. No flush draw, no straight draw. Unless you have the ace, then a call there is stupid. According to Norman Chad, the opponent was drawing dead after the flop.

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