Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Q Embarasses G, Avs Lose Fourth Straight

Q embarassed G last night. B was pretty bad but he did rob K a few times. I wish the A would wake up but lets face it, unless A is taken off the third line and the D starts showing signs of improvement, this is going to be a long season. Word.

Colorado lost 6-2 last night in a game that was, believe it or not, a 1-0 Avs lead at some point. That score is now just a distant memory as defensive breakdown after defensive breakdown cost the Avs each time. By the end of the night, it was as if the teams were skating 5-on-3 instead of 5-on-5. Hejduk and Guite scored the goals for Colorado but after the Blackhawks extended the lead to 4-2, it appeared as though the team had given up.

There's going to be a million theories as to why this team is sucking right now. Some will blame it on the coaching. Others will blame it on the defense. Yet others will cite the goaltending (10 goals in the last two games) or the offense which can't seem to put together a decent 5-on-5 attack. In the meantime, I'll come up with my own and report back.


David Jones took a seat in favor of Cody McCormick and Ben Guite being in the lineup.

Note: Cody McCormick/McLeod and Ian Laperriere are the same player. Pick two and have your ballot invalidated.

Three Stars of the Game

1. You know what? I can't think of a name.
2. Cody McLeod (Learned to fight, thank you)
3. Peter Budaj (6 goals allowed, awful defense. Here's your bone, B)

Arnason Watch

Arnason managed his usual line of 0-0-0. With three shots of goal and a rating of EVEN, you have to wonder if his time could have been better spent doing something else.

Next Up

Andrew Brunette faces his old club Thursday night at 9 PM ET. The Avs will look to win their first game in what seems like four or five games.

Current Morale


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