Thursday, December 11, 2008

Feel Good Win Followed By Bad News

After a fantastic effort against Vancouver to get the shootout win and a "feel good" victory against the LA Kings, the Avs and their fans were treated to some bad news yesterday

First, the games.

I'm a big proponent (at least early in the season) of getting points any way you can get them. If that means your 7th defenseman scoring in the final three minutes and then having to go to the shootout with a division rival, so be it. Getting into OT in all of these close games will make a difference when the Avs are in the hunt for the Playoffs down the stretch.

However, I like the kind of games against the Kings better. A game in which John Zeiler got what was coming to him for taking out Adam Foote, a game that saw Cody McLeod get two goals, adn a game that saw Peter Budaj continue his solid play. Yes, I like 6-1 wins much more than 3-2 shootout victories. I must be the only one.

What I don't like is injuries. And that's what we have here. No, not just any injury, an injury to Joe Sakic.

A snow blower.

Really? A snow blower? I use a snow blower every winter. I've yet to do anything to jeoporadize the rest of my hockey career.

Anyway, he's now out for three months so not only will I not be able to see him next Tuesday when I attend the Flyers-Avs game, but he'll also probably be out when I see the Rangers-Avs game on February 28th.

Oh well. My new wish is for the Avs to be still fighting for the playoffs at that point.

They're playing a lot better. Defensively, things still need to run a little smoother. The penalty kill has been dreadful and I wish the power play would go out there with some sense of purpose, but otherwise, I'm pretty happy with what I'm watching.

Next game is tomorrow night at 9 PM ET against good ol' Coach Q and the Blackhawks.

If there were ever a game for so many players to be motivated (Arnason, Wolski, here's looking at you) then this has to be it.

Also, congratulations to Chris Stewart for his first career NHL goal. It was a beauty.

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Fast forward to 2:32 to check out Chris Stewart's first career NHL goal! - Best Sports Blogs, Sports Blogger Rankings

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