Thursday, December 25, 2008

Proof the Avs Will Never Turn the Corner

The last three games have been like watching a near car accident. Those are the times when you're sitting at a red light and you see some moron almost hit some other moron. Both cars screech and someone honks their horn and you realize that you've almost seen an accident.

I feel like I'm watching the exact same thing every time I watch an Avs game.

First, the Avs, with Andrew Raycroft in net, take out the Tampa Bay Lightning in a shootout that consisted of Mike Smith have a tantrum over what appears to be a ridiculous call. Did he throw his stick? No. Was Milan Hejduk affected by the stick falling to the ice? Probably not. Was he rewarded the goal? Yes. Did Andrew Raycroft showboat at the end? Yes. Should he have? OH YES.

That was awesome. It was a fun game. I was psyched.

Then, the Avs went to Florida and put Peter Budaj in net. He's the #1, right? The Avs came out slow and allowed a team that is best known for throwing rats on the ice (if you were playing the drinking game and the key word was "rats," I doubt you saw the end) to walk all over them. They were shut out. Goose egged. Zeroed. They lost 3-0 and Avalanche fans were too bored to even cringe.

It was dreadful. It was an awful game. I was saddened.

Finally, the Avs played Phoenix last night. Raycroft, the outcast from Toronto, was in goal. The Avs were up 4-2 in the third period, but of course, they couldn't hold on. Soon it was 4-3, then with under a mintue to go, it was 4-4. Of course, in OT, Brett Clark had to score a goal to redeem himself (he had taken the penalty that lead to Shane Doan's tying goal) and possibly stifle any trade talk that may have been taking place for the time being. The Avs were lucky to get the win.

It was interesting. It was an exciting game. I fell asleep and missed the last five minutes. Woops.

The point is, the Avs aren't going to turn the corner this season. It will continue to be the roller coaster ride. There is no #1 goalie. It has turned in to a 2a and 2b situation.

Paul Stastny is out. The Avs are without a first and second line center. This means that our 2a and 2b goalies will be forced to act like Patrick Roy in his prime. This team won't be scoring many goals.

Happy Holidays everyone.
Enjoy the happiness while it lasts.

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