Friday, December 19, 2008

Tales From Philly: Lappy vs Little Girl

When the AHL's Hershey Bears called themselves Colorado's affiliates, there was always a good turn out in Philadelphia when the Avs came to town. Recently, the amount of Avs fans have been dwindling. While I did see a few fans rooting for the good guys, it was considerably less than before. It didn't stop me from observing and taking note of some interesting stories.

Ian Laperriere Scares a Little Girl

I walked down to the glass to watch the Avs warm up and I ended up having to make room for a group of five to six little kids in Flyers jerseys trying to press their faces up against the glass. Their parents were a little further up telling them to bang on the glass and try to get the attention of some of the players. Laperriere ended up planting himself right in front of me - his back to the glass - and seemed to be taking a break from the warmups. Noticing the one of the kids, a little girl who was eagerly watching the ice, Lappy, without looking up, tapped his stick against the glass a few times to try and get her attention. It took him two more tries to finally get her to look at him. I don't know what happened, but she must have gotten a look at his nose. The girl ended up letting out a slight whimper and backed off the glass immediately. Laperriere proceeded to act like he was the one who was scared and imitated her with a big smile on his face.

Laperriere continued warming up but the girl was no longer banging on the glass. I hope it wasn't her first hockey game. She might never be back.

Old Flyers Fan Guy Ignores Kid

Two rows in front of me (the seats right on the glass) was another kid (probably around 15-16) decked out in a rarely-seen Rob Blake jersey. Near the end of the game, a puck was shot into the safety netting and somehow made it down into the stands. The people in the row next to uswere all scrambling to find the puck but the Avalanche fan saw it first and proceeded to walk over, pick the puck up from the floor, and gave the puck directly to the man who was sitting in the seat.

Maybe I have a misplaced sense of morality, but isn't it usually a sort of custom when you're clearly a middle-aged hockey fan to give the puck to a kid? Apparently not because this guy didn't even say thank you. Another fan sitting a few rows back yelled, "give the puck back to that kid!" The man ignored him and decided to roll his eyes and started taunting Budaj. The kid, while not too upset, seemed kind of incredulouus at the whole situation.

This sparks a debate. Would you have given that puck back to the person who got it for you?

Refusing a Colorado Fan Service

It was the beginning of the second intermission and I decided to some water ice for what was a 4-2 game heading into the third period. I walked around a little bit until I found the guy selling the ice and was about to buy some when...

"HEY, you can't sell it to him."

I laughed. I'd already endured a crowd of boos while walking into the stadium. But it didn't end there.

The Flyers fan who yelled actually walked up to us (the guy selling and myself) and decided to try and get the vendor to refuse my service. The vendor, of course, didn't listen and gave me my water ice. As I was walking away, I was treated to the original lines of "Avalanche suck" and "Go back to Colorado." Because I'm not from Colorado, going back is, in fact, impossible.

My "Peter Forsberg" Jersey

Maybe it's because Peter Forsberg is so well-known or maybe it's because Adam Foote isn't. Whatever it is, I can't figure it out.

"Why don't you take off that Forsberg jersey?"
"Forsberg sucks."
"Hey, nice Forsberg jersey."
"I thought Forsberg was #21, not #52."
"Forsberg can't help you tonight."

I was wearing an Adam Foote jersey. Maybe the people who made the above comments (and that's just a small sampling from over the years) believe that Avalanche fans only like Forsberg, but not Hejduk, Foote, and every other Av who happens to have the #2 on their jersey.

I'm not exactly sure why the first guy wanted me to take off my jersey. I don't want to find out.
And I told the fourth fan he was correct. Peter Forsberg is #21. Very nicely done.

There you go. The Tales From Philly, 2008 edition. I've had better in the past but because this blog was not around, they have not been recorded. If I let you down in anyway, feel free to throw something at me. It wouldn't be the first time. - Best Sports Blogs, Sports Blogger Rankings

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