Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Last Two Games

I have a post to be published tonight that I'm going to get blasted for, so I'll make this one easier on myself.

In their last two games, the Avs were shut out by Minnesota (2-0) for the first time ever, and then managed to beat the struggling Nashville Predators 2-1.

Wojtek Wolski was brilliant last night with both of the goals and thus far, moving him to center has been a complete success. He's been great on the penalty kill and is working harder than I have ever seen him work during a game.

Think about this. Lets say after this season, Joe calls it quits. Is a Stastny-Wolski combo a viable option? Maybe. As long as Wolski keeps playing touch defense and driving hard to the net, I have no problem with it.

Brett Clark sucks. It's too bad Adam Foote is injured, because that means Clark is probably going to see more minutes on most nights. Against the Wild, the second goal scored by Nolan was completely Clark's fault, and I have developed a habit when the Avs are scored against. The first thing I do when Raydaj lets in a goal? Look for the ol' #5. If I don't see him, I blame Arnason. If Arnason is injured, I'll blame Quenneville.

Phillipe Dupuis was fun to watch last night. In for Ian Laperriere, Dupuis helped generate a couple of scoring chances and showed a lot of effort.

Andrew Raycroft has just one loss this season. That's the topic of tonight's post. Please don't hate me after you read it. Thanks. Bye. - Best Sports Blogs, Sports Blogger Rankings

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