Thursday, January 29, 2009

Mid-Game: Leafs Give Us the Finger; The Duke Lighting it Up

4-3 Leafs in a game that will tell us all we need to know about the rest of the Avs season.

If the Avs lose, the season is basically dead.
If the Avs win, the inconsistency will continue.

But winning is more fun.


-Leave it to the Avs to allow Nik Antropov to break an 18-game scoring drought. How many times have we seen players break similar streaks when they play Colorado this season?

-Chris Stewart = Money. Forget Darcy Tucker. He has one shot in 9 minutes tonight against his former team.

-That's one more shot than Tyler Arnason has.

-Maple Leafs had too many men on the ice, but it isn't called, so in typical Avalanche fashion, a goal is scored by none other than Jeff Finger. I guess you could said he got a FINGER on that one. (ZING)

-Hejduk has two goals. This is exciting. I like Hejduk. I don't want him to be traded. This isn't even a contest if not for him.

-If Andrew Raycroft hadn't converted from forward to goaltender, do you think he'd be better than Tyler Arnason?

-Don't answer that. We all know what you'll say.

-Kyle Cumiskey lasted 26 seconds tonight. That means more Brett Clark. That means we're probably going to see a fifth, and possibly sixth goal before we're through.

-Finger just hit his own teammate in the head with a wrister. Stajan leaped a million feet off the ice. Give or take a few.

-Tucker vs May in the third. Book it.

-We're watching a real goaltending clinic. (Raycroft: 11-15, Toskala: 13-16)

Gearing up for the third period. The Avs will have to take this game from behind. Lets hope Finger doesn't stop them. - Best Sports Blogs, Sports Blogger Rankings

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