Monday, January 26, 2009

Thoughts on All Star Weekend

When I was younger, I used to love the All Star Game. Maybe it was because the Avs used to send three to five guys every season, or maybe it was because, actually,'s because the Avs used to send three to five guys every season.

This year they sent one. The Duke.

He didn't fail us.

Hejduk finished third in the "elimination shootout" during the Skills Competition and tallied a goal and two assist in Sunday's main event. He was also named third star of the game. That's amazing considering the Habs had FOUR participants.

Some thoughts about each event...

-The Skills Competition needs to be un-revamped. Bring back the stickhandling relay, the goalie shooting challenge, and the East vs West format. Mic up more players and try to catch some interaction. Didn't anybody else wonder about the conversations between Malkin and Ovechkin?

-The Youngstars game needs to die. Either that, or they should spice it up a little bit. Make the youngstars play retired greats. Or better yet, match them up against a team consisting of Gary Bettman, Colin Campbell, and Paul Kelly. I'd be watching.

-I hate Mike Emrick. Many people don't like Gary Thorne, but no one can say that Thorne didn't bring excitement to the competition. Emrick just yaps.

-Props to Zdeno Chara for boggling my mind with his 105.4 to set the new hardest shot record. Somewhere, Al Iafrate weeps.

-The elimination shootout was boring, but it is a good concept. They just need to speed it up.

-As for the game itself, I thought it was decent. We got some beautiful saves from Tim Thomas, who probably should have been the MVP. If the game had taken place in one of the other 29 cities, he would have.

-ASG OT is awesome. The shootout...not so much. In a game with so much talent, I wish they had made it five shooters per team.

-Sidney Crosby should be suspended.

But only because we all hate him. (Sorry Penguin fans)

-Back to the Skills for a second, Ryan Getzlaf should have won the trick shot competition thing. Even though he was going slower than my grandmother in a school zone.

-Has anyone else seen the Hejduk/Brown interview?

If not...

"I've had like one hit in five years"

Simply hilarious. - Best Sports Blogs, Sports Blogger Rankings

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