Saturday, January 31, 2009

What the lines should be today..

Tucker-Cody McCormick-Svatos

I like to consider this period of the season the expermimental period. Lets have some fun with it. Give guys some bigger roles and see if they respond.

This includes TJ Hensick, Chris Stewart, and yes, Cody McLeod.

McLeod, along with Smyth and Hejduk, plays hard every single shift. There's rarely a time when he's on the ice when he doesn't register a hit or a shot on goal. His play entitles him to more ice time.

I like Svatos, but I've never figured out where he fits on the game. It seems like he NEEDS to be a first or second line player to succeed, but there's never any room for him when everyone is healthy.

I say trade him while he isn't injured. There have been rumors Pittsburgh is looking at Hejduk to possibly come in and give them a scoring winger. Maybe they'd take Svatty?

Arnason shouldn't be on any line, but as long as he's playing, I want him getting no more than nine minutes a game. Case closed.

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Danno Industries said...

Heyduke (spelling) is good.......Finger's not bad also..

But Joe Thorton, Oh my golly gosh I don't know where to begin...he's like the Incredible Hulk...he can't be knocked down!

Ahh yes...nothin' like Joe Thorton...too bad he doesn't return my calls :-( (sad face)

Geoff Rosenthal said...

That could be breaking news. Even though Thornton never answers the call come playoff time, he's usually good about doing it during the regular season (ZING).

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