Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Avs Win, Postpone Season's End

It's pretty ridiculous when you think about it.

Even thought the Avs have been sucked all season, they're only four points back of a playoff spot. A lot has to happen, but still, four points? Really?

Does the Western Conference suck? Or is the league just that good?


The Sharks, Wings, Flames (the Avs beat them 4-3 last night), Blackhawks, and Ducks are all good teams.

The rest stink.

Take a look:

Dallas turned around a terrible start and now find themselves with a playoff spot. The fact that this team managed to stay in the hunt tells you all you need to know about the other teams in this conference.

Minnesota may be one of the most boring teams in hockey, and it is because of this that they find themselves in the top-8. They can't score goals, they don't have their star, and Niklas Backstrom hasn't proved himself in the playoffs. Fun team, eh?

Edmonton didn't just use a two-goalie system this year, they used three. Really? Three? They're four games above .500 but dag nabbit, they're in the playoffs.

Columbus has been a surprise, but if not for Steve Mason, they'd be in the hunt for Tavares. Wait, I forget, all teams 5-15 are in the hunt for Tavares in the West.

Phoenix has been the anti-Columbus so far. The Coyotes were supposed to move on to bigger things this year. Not the case. If Shane Doan played in front of a real hockey city, maybe he'd get the attention he deserves.

Vancouver. Eight-game losing streak. Lost Luongo. Signed Sundin. I hate this team more than ever.

Colorado-Los Angeles-Nashville-St. Louis: All mediocre. Avs have given up the most goals in the West this year.

At least the Isles play in the East.

On the bright side, big win last night. Cody McLeod came to play, as did Marek Svatos. Even Tyler Arnason managed to earn a few assists (he was probably trying to dump the puck for a line change.)

They play Dallas on Thursday. Can they keep the good times going?

The way this season has gone...there's a 50/50 chance.

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