Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Debating Over Buyers and Sellers is Pointless

There has been a lot of talk this week over whether or not the Avs should be "buyers" or "sellers" at the trade deadline.

Why is it even a question?

Lets take a look at some possibilities for the rest of this season:

1. The Avs get hot, make the playoffs, and advance to the Stanley Cup Finals.

EXTREMELY unlikely. Sure, teams get on a roll every now and then, but the Avs would first have to qualify for the playoffs, then get through the incredibly tough Western Conference.(Although I bashed it yesterday, the playoff in the West is unmatched.)

Someone might now respond that if the Avs make a big move at the deadline, this is a possibility.

Unless the Avs manage to get a #1 goaltender, it doesn't matter who they get. A top forward and top defenseman won't be enough.

2. The Avs get hot, make the playoffs, and lose before the Stanley Cup Finals.

It could happen whether the Avs become "buyers" or not, but you don't play for the second round.

3. The Avs miss the playoffs.

Probably the most likely of scenarios at this point. When you're a team that isn't going to be in the playoffs, you should be a seller at the deadline.

As has been noted by many in the MSM and blogosphere, the number of sellers this year is going to be limited. There only four or five teams right now who may be willing to trade top players for picks and prospects.

The Avs should be in that group. Avs Talk has listed some of the assets other teams may want and of the names he listed, I'm hoping it's Svatos who is dealt.

I commented on it last week, but Svatty doesn't fit with this team anymore. He's a second line player, but with the emergence of Chris Stewart, I can't see him on the second line in the future.

His eleven goals are ok, but aren't close to the kind of production we expect from him.

As far as goaltenders, trade Budaj. Try to get Halak, Montoya or wait until the offseason. I don't care. Just get rid of him (or Raycroft, I'm not picky).

Dallas tomorrow.
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