Thursday, March 26, 2009

Avs Lose 7-2; Granato Calling Out Players?

When the score was 6-1, I started thinking to myself.

"If this becomes the worst loss in Avs history, my blog might get some more hits tomorrow."

It was not to be. The Avs lost 7-2 in a game that meant nothing to them. It should mean something to Tony Granato, who should, but won't be fired at the end of the season, but Tony, don't let me tell you what kind of emotion to show during a game.

Granato did talk about Wojtek Wolski, though.

Per Adrian Dater:

The first few games, we created something we thought was pretty special, at center. But his play leveled off pretty fast. He shows signs of brilliance, and then the consistency that we need out of a top-line center, he hasn’t given us for the last, probably, month. It’s something that he’s capable of; he’s still young, he’s still got a lot to learn in different ways. But it’s certainly something that we need as an organization, is for him to be (good, consistent, better). It’s something that we have a lot riding on, with him. He’s a big part of our team and we need him to be a consistent player, similar to the status that Paul has given us. Paul has only been here a few years, but Paul is consistent. He plays to an elite level all the time. Sometimes Woolly is a superstar, and other times it takes a while, or there’s a few games where he’s not at that level. I still think that he has to be a top-line center for us.”

Now, don't freak out if my hockey instincts are off, but isn't it up to the head coach and assistant coach(es) to develop young players and make sure they play consistent hockey?

Jibbles has a chart that rivals those of James Mirtle.

From Jibbles,

Even more important than the nhumbers, is that it's supposed to be the assistants job to build confidence in players and be the "good cop" to the head coaches "bad cop". Wolski, Svatos, Budaj, Liles and Hensick all seem to have had their confidence shattered at some point in the Granato era. Some of that is probably due to the overlapping of the Quenneville era, but it's Granato's job to build confidence too, and he's clearly failing in that regard.

With eight or so games left in the season, Granato is talking about consistency on a team that has been consistently inconsistent. It's annoying. It's sickening. I'm fed up.

But I'm a blogger in Philly. I don't pay to go to the games.

The Pepsi Center looks empty, by the way.

Maybe it's the inconsistency.

Lets hire some new coaches to make sure that the inconsistency is no longer consistent. - Best Sports Blogs, Sports Blogger Rankings


Jibblescribbits said...

Yeah. Granato's got to be gone right. This last week, and the 18-4 3-game series, has to be the nail in the coffin? right?

Geoff Rosenthal said...

If Giguere is told he's not going to be fired, I can see Granato behind the bench next year.

Otherwise, I would think Giguere will act like every other human involved with sports on the planet and try to find a scapegoat.


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