Saturday, March 21, 2009

A Look at the Standings [Avs-Phoenix Tank Fest?]

1. New York Islanders -56 Points - 11 games remaining

2. Tampa Bay Lightning - 61 Points - 11 games remaining

3. Atlanta Thrashers - 64 Points - 10 games remaining

4. Colorado Avalanche - 64 Points - 10 games remaining

5. Phoenix Coyotes - 65 Points - 11 games remaining

The rest of the Avalanche season is marked by games against quality opponents except for one game: Colorado-Phoenix, April 1st. April Fools.

The situation is an interesting one, and the game should be even more interesting.

Here we have two teams - Phoenix and Colorado - who are battling for inferiority. By April 1st, it's very possible that both teams still have a chance at the second overall pick. Will both teams start their backups? Will both teams start calling up the entire farm? Will we see players scoring on their own nets and tripping the opposition like crazy to secure a power play?

Maybe I'm going a little overboard, but the question remains: two teams with nothing to gain by winning. How do two teams, who might benefit more by losing, play each other in April? - Best Sports Blogs, Sports Blogger Rankings

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