Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly ['08-'09 Avalanche Edition]

It was the worst season in Avalanche history. It was almost horrifying to watch the 2008-2009 Avalanche at most points during the season. These thoughts are in no order whatsoever. With that...

The Good

Not much.

Chris Stewart ended up having a decent rookie campaign. In 53 games, the future power foraward had 11 goals and 19 points.

Wojtek Wolski finally decided to play with some energy after being moved to center in the middle of the season. He is also the shootout King.

Andrew Raycroft was 7-0 a million years ago. Turns out he would go 5-16 after that streak.

TJ Galiardi was somewhat impressive over the last 11 games. 3 goals and 1 assist on the only NHL team not to register 200 goals for the season.

Cody Mcleod, the fourth line grinder, became the team's third best goal scorer. McLeod's 15 goals shocked all of us.

Ian Laperriere played Game #1,000. Lappy was also even in +/- in 74 games. Please sign him.

Ryan Smyth and Milan Hejduk scored goal #300 on the same night.

Francois Giguere was fired as Avalanche GM.

The Bad

Peter Budaj was NOT the #1 goaltender we wanted. A sub-.900 SV% sucks.

The ten Monsters who made their NHL debuts in the last few games failed to impress anyone other than their grandpas. (Note: Chris Chelios was NOT impressed)

Ben Guite was the team leader in +/-. He put up a grand +2 in 50 games.

TJ Hensick's shooting percentage = 3.4%.

Milan Hejduk was the only Av to play 82 games.

Scott Hannan played 81.

No Av scored a hat trick this year.

The Ugly

Darcy Tucker

Tyler Arnason: Goals = 5 , Dazed Looks = 853,431,032,002

Paul Stastny, aka THE FUTURE played just 45 games after another bad injury. Uh-oh.

Joe Sakic + Snowblower = Crap. Farewell, Super Joe.

Francois Giguere did absolutely nothing to shake the team up during the season. We should fire him.

Marek Svatos scored just 14 goals. It's time to move on. I don't want him on my second line anyway.

David Jones had the potential to put up 30 goals and 60 points. He put up 8 and 13.
Per Ledin dropped off the face of the Earth. Don't worry, they found him in time to screw up the chances of drafting Victor Hedman.


Sub-80% on the penalty kill. Crap. Maybe they should block more shots.

1-8-4 in the last 13 games. It was a fun stretch.

16 goals in those 13 games.

Record against the Red Wings: 3-1

Record against the Islanders and Coyotes: 1-3

The defense? What was supposed to be a strength turned out to be a burden. They were awful. JML was slightly less than awful, but Daniel Tjarnqvist was really the MVP.

Jordan Leopold was finally played well and staying healthy. He was traded.

Typical First PP Unit: Tucker, Arnason, Svatos, Clark, Salei. Excellent. Way to reward those who are "trying."

No playoffs.

No Cup.

Long Summer.

Colorado Avalanche

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J. Scott Moore said...

Nice job. All Arny rips and Chelios age cracks are funny.
Well, at least your post was funny.

Unknown said...

The Ugly:
Avs were swept by the BlueJackets.

Unknown said...

well put you all...I'll be lacin' up my skates during the Avalanche pre-season practices, maybe you'll see me on the Avalanche bench...Jay, just don't write any hate mail about me...

lil riebs...

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