Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sleeping - Playoff Predictions

I slept through my alrm and now I can't do a full scale predictions post. Maybe I'll get to it Friday.

6:49 ET:

Bruins vs Habs
Bruins in 5

Caps vs Rangers
Caps in 6

Devils vs Hurricanes
Devils in 5

Penguins vs Flyers
Penguins in 7


Bruins vs Penguins
Bruins in 5

Caps vs Devils
Devils in 6


Bruins vs Devils
Devils in 6


Sharks vs Ducks
Sharks in 5

Wings vs Jackets
Wings in 6

Canucks vs Blues
Canucks in 5

Blackhawks vs Flames
Blackhawks in 7


Sharks vs Blackhawks
Sharks in 5

Wings vs Canucks
Wings in 6


Sharks vs Wings
Wings in 6



Wings vs Devils
Wings in 6

All Detroit needs is the goaltending to hold up. Ty Conklin always finds himself in the Winter Classic and Stanley Cup. I hope I'm wrong.

The Devils have a rested Brodeur and their best offense since the 2000-2001 season.

I suck at these prediction things, so it's almost 100% certain that the Devils and Wings will not make the Cup.

And I realize I have barely any upsets. I used NCAA Basketball as my justification.

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