Monday, May 25, 2009

Report: Roy Offered GM Position

The draft is still weeks away, free agency isn't even close, and the Stanley Cup Finals aren't even going to start for another week.

But this offseason has been crazy.

Patrick Roy could be head coach and general manager of the Colorado Avalanche if he accepts the posts from his former club.

According to - a Montreal-based news website - Avs president Pierre Lacroix has offered Roy both jobs and that Roy wants to hire former teammate Sylvain Lefebvre and Drummoundville head coach Guy Boucher as his assistants.

Though I would love to see Roy behind the bench, giving him both positions won't work out in the long-term.

Does the name "Pat Quinn" ring a bell? also reports that Lacroix is offering Roy almost full control over the club's hockey operations as a way of trumping any potential offer from his other former team - the Montreal Canadiens.

If Lacroix is getting ready to retire and plans to make Roy "Emperor of Hockey Operations" then I can see the logic in giving him what amounts to totalitarian control of the team. Otherwise, PL has gone off his rocker.

The fact that Lacroix even has to offer Roy the GM position to attract him to the team is ridiculous. Roy should be chomping at the bit for an NHL gig, and if he's not, that's fine. Lets not try to attract him to a job he either a) doesn't want or b) isn't ready for.

Oh yeah. Tony Granato still hasn't resigned/been fired/left town. - Best Sports Blogs, Sports Blogger Rankings

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Lets be honest about Roy... much as you want the Avs to take their time... much as you have no idea what's going on... are dying to see Patrick Roy behind the bench...

...if only to see what happens next... - Best Sports Blogs, Sports Blogger Rankings

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Best Case Cup Final

The 2009 season is finally down to the Final Four, and I must say, I'm not pleased.

In the West, we find the Detroit Red Wings.

I was going to expand on the thought, but Jibbles already one-upped anything I could/would have come up with.

The Wings will be facing the Chicago Blackhawks.

While I feel no animosity towards the Blackhawks, two things really piss me off:

1. They're young. They haven't paid their dues. Not fair.

2. Joel Quenneville is the coach.

In the end, every Avs fan should be praying for a Blackhawks victory.

In the East, we have the Pittsburgh Penguins.

If the Pens win the Stanley Cup, the picture of Crosby hoisting the grail will be the one image NHL fans have to endure for the next 10 years. I'm not ready for that.

Their opponent is the team from Carolina - the Hurricanes.

Once again, no animosity, per se, but I've never been able to enjoy a Hurricanes game.

A Hurricanes win, however, will please me.

So that means, in my best case scenario, the Final Two will feature Carolina and Chicago.

I don't smell big ratings.

Best Case (From an NHL standpoint): Detroit-Pittsburgh

Best Case (From an Avs fan standpoint): Chicago-Carolina

Best Case (From a NBA fan's standpoint): Cleveland-Denver - Best Sports Blogs, Sports Blogger Rankings

Monday, May 4, 2009

Tonight in Playoff Hockey; Markus Naslund Retires; Most (Not) Shocking News

Has anyone noticed the homepage? The designers have made a border that replicates the engraved names on the Stanley Cup.

Top left.



We have just one playoff game tonight.

Ovechkin vs Crosby
Game 2

People forget that there are two teams involved in the series, but whatever.

Varlamov stole the first game with this unbelievable save.

I think the Pens will rebound tonight. Split in Washington. Split in Pittsburgh. Then it's a best-of-three.

Elsewhere, former Canuck Markus Naslund retired today. "Nazzy" was one of my favorite players (despite his team) growing up, and he actually had a pretty decent final season.

If the Canucks win the Cup, Naslund will officially become the "Nomar Garciaparra" of hockey.


Finally, in the most (not) shocking story of the day, Jonathon Toews is denying an injury in the playoffs:

A recent report in the Toronto Globe & Mail stated that Blackhawks captain Jonathan Toews not only was recovering from the flu, but was dealing with a shoulder injury so bad that he could barely raise on of his arms.

Following Monday's morning skate at United Center, Toews denied those rumors by raising both arms and stating, "I feel fine."

I'll go out on a limb and say he's downplaying it.

Oh well.

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