Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Free Agency 2009

Welcome to Free Agency 2009. Tomorrow, July 1st, teams will start trying to sign their dream free agents and then proceed to move to Plan B shortly after.

Taking out the UFAs and RFAs, here's how the Avs look for next season:



Not the most intimidating group.


Tyler Arnason - If he's signed, expect a complete mutiny by fans, including this blog. No chance he's on the team next year.

Ben Guite - Great for the fourth line and the Avs should lock him up, preferably without a raise from last year's salary.

Ian Laperriere - Various reports say that he and the Avs can't agree to terms. If Lappy does leave, it's a big loss for a team that is going to be rebuilding this year.

Andrew Raycroft - No.

Joe Sakic - He's made his decision but the Avs are waiting to announce it. Like most, I'm betting that he's retiring. If he were coming back, wouldn't that help Colorado attract free agents?

Daniel Tjarqvist - Though he serviced the Avs well, it's time that the kids in the system, like Vernace and Cumiskey, are given their chances to shine.

Brian Willsie - He's going to play with Lake Erie for most of the year. Anything over the minimum is overkill.


David Jones - According to Dater, the Avs did make an offer to Jones. If he signs it, the Avs better not have given him a substantial raise. He certainly doesn't deserve it.

Cody McCormick - Apparently, no offer was made to Cody McC. Many Avalanche fans love Cody for his hard-working attitude. I'm not one of them. Good luck elsewhere.


Looking at the system, taking some guesses, and making some predictions, here's how I see the 2009-2010 Avalanche roster without any signings outside of the men listed above.

McLeod-Guite- Tucker



Luckily, the Avs will not open the season with this lineup. There will be two or three signings along the way.


With a little over 11 million to spend, the Avs have room, but not much room. Fans are unlikely to see another Ryan Smyth type deal anytime soon. That being said, the Avs need to do something.

Need #1 - A Starting Goaltender

Budaj isn't the answer, but with Raycroft on his way out, Boods will still get the nod as backup.

Solution #1 - Craig Anderson

Some will have you believe the Avs are better off with some Monster or Ty Conklin or even Martin Biron. They may be right, but in a year where goaltending is scarce, Anderson would be a solid pickup.

Last year, on the Panthers, Anderson was the owner of a 15-7-5 record. His .924 sv% was well above the league average of .908, and his GAA was a decent 2.71. He doesn't have much experience (only 109 games as of age 28) but Anderson has done well in limited action the past two seasons. Is it time for him to step up and become a starter? Perhaps.

If the Avs are willing to give Budaj a shot, they should be willing to give Anderson a chance to shine.

Other Options

Martin Biron, Scott Clemmensen, Ty Conklin, Manny Fernandez

Need #2 - A Top-6 Forward

I currently have Hensick penciled in as the second line left winger. I don't even want Hensick on the team.

Solution #2 - Nik Antropov

He's not the left winger I'd prefer, in fact, he's not a left winger at all, but he's better than nothing. Last season, Antropov put up 59 points in 81 games and was a big target at the trade deadline. He's a hard worker who does have somewhat of a scoring touch. If the Avs can sign him for about 3.5 million, he'd be suitable on the second line with Wolski and Svatos.

Note: I keep reading that Antropov is looking for a 5 million per year deal. If that's the case, he's way outside what the Avs are going to be willing to spend. Look for Colorado to target Knuble instead.

Other Options

Mike Knuble, Jason Williams, Tyler Arnason.

Need #3 - Another Defenseman

I really want to see the 6th defenseman spot filled by Cumiskey. It still doesn't hurt to add a replacement in advance

Solution #3 - Dennis Seidenberg

Young (27), decent (30 points in 70 games), and present (22+ minute average), Seidenberg would be a welcome addition to a blueline that was extremely weak last year. In a best case scenario, Brett Clark would be gone by Friday and Jay Bouwmeester would be on his way to Colorado; however, that's unlikely to happen at this point. Seidenberg would service the team well as the 6th or 7th guy.

Oh, from reading several Penguin blogs, I can say that Rob Scuderi is worth taking a look at. Penguin fans think there could be a bidding war, and recent quotes from Scuderi indicate that he'll remain a Pen, but still, it's worth a shot.

Other Options

Paul Mara, Greg Zanon, Steve Montador, Hal Gill


An updated look at the squad:





Now lets take into account the Lake Erie system.




Spares: Hensick, Galiardi, Clark


I understand Clark isn't going to be a spare. I understand the Avs don't want to get rid of guys who suck (see: Clark, Tucker) and I understand they don't want to get rid of guys who need to be on the first two lines to succeed (see: Svatos) but I can dream.

With 11.5 million to spend, Antropov, Anderson, and Seidenberg would probably be more than the Avs would want to spend anyway.

Thanks a lot, Darcy Tucker.

Have a pleasant July 1st.

May all your free agent dreams come true.

Go Avs.

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Monday, June 29, 2009

Laziest Draft Review Ever

I missed the boat on the draft, but no one did it better than Mile High Hockey.

Check out that draft thread here.

My next post will be my 300th and will focus on free agency.

July 1st is basically here. Get ready.

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Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Duchene Fist Pump

Upon hearing that Victor Hedman was drafted by the Lightning...

Click Here

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Friday, June 26, 2009

Avalanche Select C Matt Duchene

The newest Av is officially Matt Duchene.

Excellent start.

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Get Pumped

No matter who goes first or second, (and there has been plenty of debate and mystery) the Avs should (and will) leave Day 1 of the 2009 Entry Draft with either John Tavares, Victor Hedman, or Matt Duchene.

The Offensive Dynamo, the Franchise Defensemean, the Smart Two-Way Center.

The Avs haven't had a pick this high since they were the Nordiques, and though the regular season was a disaster, this is the reward.

Go Avs.

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Saturday, June 20, 2009

McLeod Signed - 3 Years, 3.1 Million

McLeod surprised a lot of people last year by scoring 15 goals; however, he surprised no one by racking up 162 penalty minutes. An energy player, he missed just three games last season, and this signing was a must due to Lappy's apparent departure.

Personally, I've grown to really enjoy McLeod's work, and if he isn't already, I really feel that he'll become a fan favorite over the next three years.



Also, congratulations to former Avs Steve Konowalchuk and Adam Deadmarsh, the new assistant coach and video editing/player development coach respectively. Nice to see two of the hardest-working Avs ever back with the organization.

Six days until the draft...

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Sunday, June 14, 2009

100%: Avs Make Playoffs If...

...if they sign this man:

This is Ty Conklin losing (as a backup for the most part) in the 2006 Stanley Cup, the 2008 Stanley Cup, and the 2009 Stanley Cup.

If there are two things Conklin knows how to do, it's a) having nothing to do with, but ultimately being there for failed Cups and b) opening the bench door.

An immediate improvement over last year's goaltending tandem of Budaj-Raycroft.

Conklin is a free agent.

Hey! So is Craig Anderson.

Sign one of them.


Anderson might mean an improvement, Conklin almost certainly means a Cup Final.

Faulty logic?

Coming from a blogger who saw a team spend close to the league minimum on goaltending last season.

Coming from a blogger who saw a team make Tyler Arnason its first center.

Coming from a blogger who saw a team hire Joe Sacco and Greg Sherman to power positions without so much as glancing the way of other experienced candidates.

Coming from a blogger who saw a team play Darcy Tucker on the power play.

Faulty logic is the best logic we have.

Sign Conklin.

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Friday, June 12, 2009

Avs Will Lack "Leadership"

For years, we have heard that the Avs have great "leadership." Though it didn't win a Cup, or even a Western Conference Final, this "leadership" was apparently very important.

Say goodbye to Ian Laperriere.

A heart-and-soul player, Lappy was one of the few guys on the team with a personality.

Joe Sakic could retire and follow Lappy's lead, while Adam Foote is liable to break his back every time he steps out for his morning skate.

With Lappy out of the picture, it doesn't do much good for Colorado's cap space. His contract was near the minimum.

The big winners:

Darcy Tucker and Cody McCormick.

You can never have enough third and fourth liners.

Wasn't that the motto last season?


Joe Sacco, a minor league coach with no NHL head coaching experience is stepping into a locker room full of old men and underage underperformers.

Sounds like a plan.

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Thursday, June 4, 2009

I'm off the computer ONE day

The world explodes.

Go figure.

Go on any Avs-related site and they'll have already reported the following:

Tony Granato fired
Jeff Hackett fired
Jacques Cloutier fired
Michael Goulet fired

Greg Sherman promoted to GM
Craig Billington promoted to Assistant GM
Eric Lacroix is the new Director of Hockey Operations

Joe Sacco hired as Coach.

Thoughts on all of this, probably not until much later.

First instinct: Crap.

Happy they wanted to start fresh, but then why hire Sacco, the coach of the Monsters?

Were the Monsters that good?

Is Sacco some proven coach?

Was no other outside candidate interested?
No way of knowing.

Is this Pierre Lacroix's doing?

Greg Sherman=Figurehead.

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