Sunday, June 14, 2009

100%: Avs Make Playoffs If...

...if they sign this man:

This is Ty Conklin losing (as a backup for the most part) in the 2006 Stanley Cup, the 2008 Stanley Cup, and the 2009 Stanley Cup.

If there are two things Conklin knows how to do, it's a) having nothing to do with, but ultimately being there for failed Cups and b) opening the bench door.

An immediate improvement over last year's goaltending tandem of Budaj-Raycroft.

Conklin is a free agent.

Hey! So is Craig Anderson.

Sign one of them.


Anderson might mean an improvement, Conklin almost certainly means a Cup Final.

Faulty logic?

Coming from a blogger who saw a team spend close to the league minimum on goaltending last season.

Coming from a blogger who saw a team make Tyler Arnason its first center.

Coming from a blogger who saw a team hire Joe Sacco and Greg Sherman to power positions without so much as glancing the way of other experienced candidates.

Coming from a blogger who saw a team play Darcy Tucker on the power play.

Faulty logic is the best logic we have.

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Magnum said...

Funny blog.

Conklin should be decent if we can't get someone better. Like you said, he's at least better than Budaj.

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