Sunday, August 30, 2009

Greatest Birthday Present Ever

Today is my birthday, and while I generally don't get overly excited for my date of birth, the present I received has me completely revved up.

I'll be taking my first trip to Denver in October. October 1st.

I'll also be attending my first Avalanche game in Denver. Against the Sharks. On October 1st.

Joe Sakic was my childhood hero, and now that I'm getting the chance to see his number retired, I'm in complete and utter shock.

If anyone from Colorado is reading this, I'd appreciate some suggestions on what to do or where to go before and after the game. I'm flying in the day before and leaving the night after so I will have some free time to explore the city a bit.

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Ty said...

get a tour of red rocks (in morrison on the west side of the city) hit up the 16th street mall in downtown. check out the park at the north end of the mall, and the massive skatepark just east of there. the national history museum is pretty cool, and right next to the zoo, you can kill a whole day just going to those two places, and theres a fantastic park there to hang out at as well. you could also go visit the coors brewery in Golden, but thats a good 20 minutes away. go find out what ROCKTOBER is all about. take a tour of the capital, or the U.S. Mint, both of which are right downtown. or you could check out the state of the art performing arts center. if you dont inted to leave the city, i would reccomend renting a bike cruiser instead of a car, because the city itself is beautiful, and best explored free of the flow of traffic. (if you do rent a bike ride the path along the river through the city)

Danno Industries said...

Happy Birthday!

Danno Industries said...

Oh yea...i would very much like to talk to you about the domain business.

Mike at MHH said...

Sweet! It will also be my first real trip to Denver and my First Avs game in Denver. It will also be my son's first NHL game. We should totally meet up.

texacogirl said...

Wow. This is really turning out to be the Avs fan party of the century. Downtown Denver is great all in it's self. Brooklyns before the game and after. It's right across the street from The Can, has good food, and reasonably priced drinks. Oh, and what a great day to be born :)

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