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2009-10 Avalanche Round Table Day Two

Welcome to another year of the Avalanche Blogger Roundtable! After reading this blog's segment of the event, I encourage you to head over to Mile High Hockey for day one of the festivities, and then over to Angelique's "Colorado Avalanche Prospects" blog for another day two Roundtable discussion

Now for the question!

Unfortunately, due to the recent cuts, this issue is now a moot point. The topic was posted for discussion September 10th. As I write this 11-12 days later, it's completely irrelevant. Lets see how many bloggers called this one correctly!

The fantasy hockey king, Darryl Dobbs, boldly says that Ryan Stoa will reach the 40-point mark. Is it possible?
GEO: Apparently, Darryl Dobbs is losing his mojo.

Matt Jordan from Mile High Mayhem: 40 points? Not this season. He's going to either be the 3rd or 4th line C. The question is, do the Avs have anyone on the 3rd or 4th lines who can put the puck in the net? If he centers the 3rd line...it will be Koci and Tucker on his wings. If it's the 4th, I'm sure it will be Galiardi and Stewart. It's going to be nothing short of a miracle if he hits 30, let alone 40.

Mike from Mile High Hockey: What Matt said, but more like a miracle to hit 20 with those linemates. I'll add one caveat though, if for some reason the powers-that-be decide that Matt "The Boy Wonder" Duchene goes back to Brampton after 9 games because of some combination of his and Stoa's play, Stoa could be our 2nd line center with Wolski on his wing. I wouldn't think 30 points would be out of his reach.

Aaron Musick from HockeyBuzz: I have to disagree with you on this one. While I don't think he'll get 40 points, I do think that 30 is a reasonable number.
1) I don't believe that Galiardi will be a fourth line player. Given the lack of Left Wings and his speed and hands, I see him landing on the second line.
2) When you're looking at the third line, don't forget about McLeod. He's not skilled enough to be on the top two lines but could end up on the third line with Bates and Stewart.
Back to Stoa, he could wind up on the fourth line left wing with Hensick and either Svatos or Jones. That's a line that could produce, provided Hensick turns the corner this year. However, the bigger question is this: should Stoa start the season in Lake Erie along with Mercier and Yip or should he play the fourth line at the NHL level?
(GEO: I think we now know the answer to that one)

David Driscoll-Carignan from Mile High Hockey: t's certainly possible, but I'm not sure that I would bet the fantasy farm on it. As a frame of reference, his former U of Minn teammate, Phil Kessel, scored 29 in his first year with the Bruins and took 3 NHL seasons to get to the 40-point mark. You never really know. The Avs drafted a bunch of college players the year they took Stoa. Paul Stastny scored 78 in his first year. T.J. Hensick has 92 NHL games under his belt and has just 32 career points. If it was my fantasy draft, I'd probably figure to count on 25; everything over 30 would be nice bonus.

Tapeleg from Jerseys and Hockey Love: I hope not. I know, that sound weird, but really, why should the Avs shove Ryan Stoa into the club so fast? It's already going to happen with Matt Duchene, as there will be rioting at Le Can if he doesn't crack the lineup, but Stoa? Get in line buddy. Even after a high and mighty season last year with the University of Minnesota Gophers, he is still fresh out of college. This isn't his time.
Stoa needs a little time to develop. There is no need to bring him to the big club for anything but call ups. Let him have some AHL time to make the transition. He isn't going to save the franchise this year (hell, no one is going to save the franchise this year), so why bother rushing him? Dobbs can say what he likes, but if those 40 points are coming from the NHL, I'll be amazed.
(GEO: And then Matt Jordan made the best point of the day:)

Well, Stoa gets sent down...I guess the question about him is currently moot.
As for my answer to the question, I obviously knew Stoa was going to get sent down, thus, I adamantly fought not to have a question that is as irrelevant as Darcy Tucker on the power play.

In any case, we have eight days left. The 2009-10 season is finally upon us. Are you ready for some hockey?

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Draft Dodger said...

I'd like to change my answer, Alex

AvsHockeyPodcast said...

I knew I didn't answer this one for a reason. =)

Geoff Rosenthal said...

I wish Darryl Dobbs would come here and comment.

Unknown said...

Me too. I blame him for the question, personally.

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