Thursday, September 24, 2009

Hejduk Signs; Avalanche Season Approaches

Via MHH, Milan Hejduk signed a 1-year extension earlier today.

Interesting observation by DDC:
It's worth noting that Hejduk is currently 87 games behind Joe Sakic on the Avalanche all-time regular season games played list (Colorado only). Barring injury, he should be the leader by the time his contract ends.

Hopefully Hejduk can help lead this team to an above-terrible level this season. Wouldn't it be nice to see him score 50 again? In our dreams.

Avalanche season is officially one week away. AF's season predictions will be up by the end of this weekend.

There are several intriguing questions left this off-season, especially concerning the final cuts.

The team is down to 27 players but can only hold 23 for opening night.

Who is going down?

From the back end, Tyler Weinman should and will be cut.

On D, Tom Preissing is out 4-6 weeks. That opens up a spot for Kyle Cumiskey. The odd man out appears to be Derek Peltier. The 24-year-old should be playing in Lake Erie this season.

The offense is a little dicier. Assuming Matt Duchene is in, it appears to be a battle between Chris Durno, Matt Hendricks, TJ Hensick, David Koci, and rookie Ryan O'Reilly.

O'Reilly has been the big suprise of camp. Having just been signed, it's likely he'll be on the roster October 9th. However, I'd be shocked if Francois Giguere kept him around for more than nine games. No need to cut into that three-year contract yet.

Hensick is also probably safe, though he shouldn't be. The experience he had last season probably makes him the 4th line center, but he won't excel in that role. Sacco did experiment with Hensick at the right wing position earlier in the preseason, but that idea has since been squashed.

It comes down to Durno, Hendricks, and Koci. Like all of you, I haven't been able to watch the games, thus, I can't make an intelligent guess on who will be sent down. From everything I've read, my money is on Hendricks and possibly Koci staying up. Once again, that's a complete guess.

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