Wednesday, December 30, 2009


The Czechs announced their Olympic Team this morning and there was one notable snub...

...our very own, Milan Hejduk.

Dater is reporting that it was Duke's choice not to play,
*Via Bruce Garrioch in Ottawa, covering tonight’s game for us: Hejduk said it was his choice not to play, after consulting with Ruzicka. Makes sense, but the reporter’s skeptic in me might question that a little. But whatever, it’ll be good for him to get some rest for the final push with the Avs.
Could Hejduk simply be trying to take the high road, and not give a big "F-U" to the entire Czech Olympic Committee?

Still, Hejduk has been such an honorable player over the years, I can't believe the Czechs didn't even name him to the team, even if they knew he would be replaced later if the injury did, in fact, prevent him from playing in Vancouver.

Internationally, Hejduk played for the Czech Olympic Team in '98 (gold), '02, and '06(bronze), and has also represented the Czech Republic in the 1998 World Championships (bronze), as well as the 2004 World Cup of Hockey. Though his Olympics totals - 3 goals and 1 assist in 16 games - are underwhelming, Hejduk would have been a leader on the fairly young Czech team, which can be viewed here.

Duke is also having a very productive season with the Avs. He's 26th in the NHL in goals (15) and he leads the Avs in power play goals with 6.

It's ridiculous to leave him off the roster, and unless it truly was a mutual decision, an utter disgrace. - Best Sports Blogs, Sports Blogger Rankings

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