Sunday, February 28, 2010

USA-Canada Gold Medal Game

If you're not watching this game, you're either a) not from North Ameirca or b) someone who hates hockey more than anything in the world.

This game has the chance to convert countless people into hockey fans. A USA win wouldn't be a miracle, but for the current generation, it may very well go down as one of the most memorable games we will ever see.

An Avalanche fan's dream?

Paul Stastny - winner in OT.
Would the Pepsi Center NOT be sold out for the rest of the year?

Every smart hockey fan is taking Canada. They have the best lineup in the tournament, though we've already seen them lose to the apparently much less talented USA squad. Since then, Canada has changed their lines, their goaltender, and their crowd chants.

They wanted Russia. They got 'em...and destroyed them.
They wanted Sweden. They got Slovakia...barely hung on in the dying seconds.
They wantned the USA. They have them. Can Ryan Miller shut Canada down again?

As a smart, yet American hockey fan, I'm going to go patriotic.

5-3 USA.
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