Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Blogger's Breakout Update

Earlier this year, I gave Fantasy Hockey Scouts two Avalanche players who I thought would "break out" this season. Recently, they did a mid-season review of my prediction.

Here's the article, and here's how I fared:

Wojtek Wolski
Blogger Prediction: 77 games 25+40=65
FHS Prediction: 78 games 21+33=54
On pace for: 82 games 22+40=62
After three straight seasons of declining totals... 50, 48 and 42 points it would have been easy to write off Wolski. But The Avslova Factor picked the big 20 point jump... almost to the point. Another great prediction by the bloggers.
FHS Grade: A+

David Jones
Blogger Prediction: 70 games 25+25=50
FHS Prediction: 76 games 14+14=28
On pace for: 44 games 19+11=30
After 19 points in 67 NHL games nobody (including us) was expecting much from Jones. The Avslova prediction looks a bit off, but that's thanks to Jones' torn ACL that will likely keep him out for the rest of the year. If Jones played 70 games he would have scored 48 points at that pace. A bit of bad luck in an otherwise great prediction.
FHS Grade: B+

Looking back, it's amazing to think that Jones probably would have surprassed my prediction had he been healthy all year. If he can get back for the postseason, that would be unbelievable huge.

As for Wolski, he's been his usual inconsistent self, but this season is definitely one he can build on in 2010-11.

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