Friday, April 23, 2010

Forget it - Lets Play Game 6

Forget the refs. Forget the 5. Forget the 0. Forget the single digit shot total.

Tomorrow night at 10 PM ET, the Avs play for their season. They have to walk into their home building and outplay the Sharks in every aspect of the game, a feat they really haven't managed since Game 1.

But they can do it.

All season, this team has been the underdog. They were supposed to finish 15th in the Conference, part of the "Race for Taylor Hall" in the 2010 Entry Draft. None of it went according to plan. The season start in Colorado, with a 5-2 victory over these very same San Jose Sharks.

The season will continue tomorrow night.

If there's one thing I've been confident in all year, it's in the way the Avs play in the next game following a beat down. Except for a few stretches, they've come out with energy, with renewed vigor, and in the early part of the season, almost never went two games without a point.

Someone needs to step up. Paul Stastny is the obvious candidate, but Chris Stewart and Matt Duchene have to put the puck in the net in Game 6. Mueller won't be back and Hejduk is a coin-flip at this point, so that means guys like Marek Svatos and TJ Galiradi will have to keep pressure in the offensive zone and make things happen in front of Evgeni Nabokov.

Craig Anderson needs to be great, but the defense in front of him needs to be better.

Win Game 6, and all of a sudden, the season is down to a do-or-die for both teams.

Get it done.
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