Thursday, April 8, 2010

Playoff Hockey Coming Up

I was going to post that I'll be back full force for the playoffs, but I'm actually going to be away from Tuesday to Friday. So I'll miss a game or two. Unbelievable.

As you know, the Avs have clinched and have thus already wildly surpassed all expecations. Yes, they faltered down the stretch. Yes, they will probably finish 8th after being in the top 5 for most of the year.

So what?

The future of this team is incredibly bright. With Stastny, Duchene, Stewart, Galiardi, Yip, Mueller, Jones and O'Reilly leading the way, the Avs are going to be able to produce four strong lines every single season.

The key in the playoffs is to never stop believing. The San Jose Sharks choke like none other. The Avs seemed to not take that extra step after the Olympic break. They didn't know what March hockey is all about. No more excuses. If Adam Foote does anything as captain this season, he must demand 100% effort from this team. If they can play for 60 minutes, they CAN win.

Anderson will have to better, as will the defense in front of him. Hopefully, now that the team is in, they will be a much looser hockey club.

It's a general rule that teams must lose before they win. The Oilers in the 80s, Wings in the 90s, and just recently the Penguins all lost before winning the silver chalice. Don't expect a Stanley Cup, but don't expect a first round sweep either.

In any case... THEY MADE IT
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