Friday, June 25, 2010

Avs Draft Joey Hishon? with the 17th Overall Selection

The Avs pulled off a shocker with the 17th overall pick, selecting 5-10 center Joey Hishon from Stratford, Ontario.

With Emerson Etem and Austin Watson on the board, many Avalanche fans likely were thanking the heavens that two of the top prospects were still available, but Greg Sherman apparently didn't agree.

Considering the amount of small centers already in the system, the pick doesn't seem to make much sense. Add that to the fact that Hishon had - according to the TSN crew - a "disastrous season" with a broken foot and knee injury, and it seems like one of the most injury-proned teams in the league just added another headache.

Hishon was ranked 46th by TSN and it seemed like Bob McKenzie and Pierre McGuire had no clue who they were talking about when they heard his name.

Check out this article from posted about Hishon a few months ago.

"He's a very skilled player," teammate Steven Shipley said. "He's got a great set of hands on him, he's always competing. He may be a little guy but he goes to the big areas of the ice and he comes out with pucks more often than not."
Still, on a team with Paul Stastny, Matt Duchene, and Ryan O'Reilly, where the heck does this kid fit? Can he play wing? Is he even big enough to matter on a top two line?

As of 9:40 ET, Austin Watson has gone #18 to the Predators and I'm sure Etem will soon find a home with one of the next few teams.

Very peculiar start to the draft. The Avs do make a good amount of picks tomorrow so there is room to make up for this head-scratcher.

Of course, I am but a lowly blogger. Who am I to go up against the Avs scouting team?

Oh yeah - I have common sense. Small. Injured. Center. Not good.

I hope I eat my words in five years when Hishon is tearing it up in an Avalanche uniform. It's tough to envision, though. - Best Sports Blogs, Sports Blogger Rankings

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