Thursday, June 24, 2010

Complete Avalanche Award Voting Totals

Matt Duchene and Joe Sacco didn't win the hardware, but I have a feeling that they'll be back at the NHL Awards many more times in the future.

As per Puck Daddy, here's a breakdown of every Avalanche playing receiving any single vote for an award:

Hart - League MVP

Ninth Place - Craig Anderson (1 First Place Vote)

There's no doubt that Anderson was the MVP of the Avs this year. Of the league? Probably not. Looking at the players above him, Andy should have gotten the votes from whomever loves Patrick Kane a little too much.

T-23rd Place - Paul Stastny (1 Fifth Place Vote)

Not so sure that he deserved a fifth place vote for the LEAGUE, but whatever - hopefully he can keep rising on this list.

Vezina - League's Best Goaltender

Fifth Place - Craig Anderson (Two Second Place, Three Third Place Votes)

Andy's play tailed off at the end of the year, or else he probably could have been considered a top three candidate. Of the goalies ranked above him - Miller, Bryzgalov, Brodeur, Nabokov - only Bryzgalov can claim lower expectations for his team heading into the season.

Calder - League's Best Rookie

Third Place - Matt Duchene (Twelve First Place, Forty-two Second Place, Fifty-three Third Place, Twenty-five Fourth Place, One Fifth Place Vote)

Barely edged out by Jimmy Howard for second, Duchene deserved better than a third place finish. The Calder was pretty much wrapped up by Tyler Myers in the second half of the season, but no shame for the rookie scoring leader, Duchene.

T-13th Place - TJ Galiardi (Three Fifth Place Votes)

Galiardi is destined to be underrated as he matures in the NHL. The man is a beastly penalty killer and he stepped up his game in a big way against the Sharks during the playoffs. Glad three people noticed the season he had.

Note: Had Chris Stewart been eligible, is there any doubt that this award would have been his?

Jack Adams - League's Best Coach

Third Place - Joe Sacco (Fourteen Second Place, Nine Third Place Votes)

Phoenix's Dave Tippett ran away with this one, garnering all but two of the first place votes. Interestingly, neither Sacco nor Trotz received those two votes. How did Mike Babcock pulled that one off? Reputation? Sacco finishing behind Trotz sucks, but all three did miraculous work this season.

Lady Byng - League's Most Irrelevant Award

22nd Place - Matt Duchene (Two Third Place, Two Fifth Place Votes)

34th Place - Paul Stastny (Two Fourth Place Votes)

Someone voted for Georges Laraque so this award has been turned into a complete and utter joke.


Overall, not bad for a team that was supposed to be in the basement all season long.
First round of the NHL draft tomorrow. Hopefully we don't trade Duchene or something.

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