Monday, October 11, 2010

Avs-Flyers: In Attendance

It sucks playing teams when it's their home opener. They're always pumped, the crowd is rockin', and it makes the game that much more difficult.

The Flyers not only have their home opener tonight, they also will be celebrating their 2010 Eastern Conference Championship with a banner raising.

Broad Street Hockey has an interesting post of how the Flyers have fared after past banner raising ceremonies.
On nights when the Flyers raise a significant banner into the rafters with a dramatic post game ceremony, they're 4-3-1 in their history. If history does indeed mean anything, and tonight's ceremony suggests that yes, history means a hell of a whole lot around here, well... we don't know what to expect. In this instance, history doesn't tell us much at all.
In other words, there's no trend to suggest one thing or another.

It's all pointless anyway. This is a new Flyers team. It's new Avalanche team. Lets go to war.

I'm sitting third row in some section in the Avalanche attacking end. Hopefully they can control the puck so there's something to cheer about down there.

Not sure if I'm rocking the Foote or Stastny jersey yet. A better choice might be to wear my "It's all about Lappy" shirt, as that might let me come back alive from the newly christened Wells Fargo Center.

Early season games are all about racking up points. It was huge that the Avs survived to OT with the Blackhawks on Thursday night. Getting the extra point was even bigger.

Back-to-back with Detroit tomorrow. They better not be looking ahead. One game at a time.

I'm ready.
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