Thursday, October 28, 2010


It's not that I don't believe in Peter Budaj. I like the guy - a lot. From all accounts, he's a great teammate, a tremendous worker, and the absolute perfect backup for Craig Anderson. But that's what he is.

A backup.

He had his shot as a starter, and though he had his good games, he was never the guy who made me feel like he could carry the Avs to a Cup one day.

Word from Denver is that Anderson is out indefinitely, but no surgery is needed and he shouldn't be out too long.

Luckily, the Avs schedule isn't brutal at all for the next week or so. After tonight's game at Calgary (in which an unknown rookie is starting - great), the Avs play Columbus in Colorado on Saturday. Then they have a four day rest before facing the Canucks again. Will Anderson be back that soon?

Hopefully, but probably not.

Then again, I honestly have no clue. After that Nucks game, the Avs play Dallas next Saturday and then have another four day break.

So even if Andy is out for the next two weeks, that's only four games in which Budaj must hold down the fort.

Oh, the chances that John Grahame sees any action whatsoever?

Absolutely nil.

Unless Joe Sacco goes bananas. I don't want that man anywhere near the crease unless he's in a practice jersey.

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