Friday, October 15, 2010

A Tale of Two Games: Flyers/Wings

Starting with the Orange and Black, it was a nice experience in Philadelphia. I was sitting right in front of the player introductions and Eastern Conference Championship banner and was booing my heart out. Unfortunately, I think most of us saw the ultimate result coming when the Avs tied the Flyers in the third and then took that tie to the sub-10 minute mark.

What is it about this team that they can't get games to OT? Last year, the excuse was that they were young and new coach Joe Sacco was still figuring things out.

Guess what - they're still young, but this group has now had a full season together. They should have an idea of how to play in the third period. These are the kind of games you look back on when the Playoffs are just a point or two away in April.

Also, a really nice ovation for Ian Laperriere before the game. Not sure if it was shown on TV, but I have a video that I'll upload soon.

Onto the Wings - complete reversal.

Detroit was up three? times, and the Avs continued to dig and battle back.

Huge game by David Jones. Two goals and an assist. Pray he stays healthy.

Cutting these comments short because it's been too long a gap. By now, you've read everything there is to read.

Overall, letting up ANOTHER shorthanded goal was like being shot in both feet and the knee; but at the end of the day, a win over Detroit will always feel satisfying.

Next Up

TONIGHT - @NJ Devils at 7 PM ET.
Go Avs

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